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In 2005 whilst planning a new home I came across a 'central vacuum system' at the SECC home building and renovating show. I decided that when I built the house the following year this had to be installed. Just after moving in a new neighbour was surveying his house and asked me about the system. I demonstrated it to him and was asked to install one in his house. This lead to another neighbour and another.


After a few local installations I decided to form our family business and in 2008 was established as the Scottish dealership for Central Vac Solutions 'where we learned our trade'.


In 2013 in partnership with GED based in Cheshire we became the sole UK supplier and installer of VarioVac Central Vacuums and Easyline Laundry Chutes. We import the highest quality systems manufactured in Germany unlike our UK competitors who MAINLY supply Chinese systems.


Please contact us to ask any questions you cannot find answers to on this site. We believe there's no such thing as a 'silly question'.

Based in Kilmarnock, Strathvac are ideally situated to cover the whole of Scotland and the rest of the UK.


Our systems cost less than you may think and normally works out well below 1% of total build cost. It adds value to your home and is VAT free in new builds as it is seen as an integral part of the house. Once installed a central vacuum system and laundry chute will be there for life.


We can honestly say that when we speak to our customers a year or so later they confirm that their Central Vacuum System was, pound for pound the best product they installed in their new home.


We have supplied and installed systems from Caithness to Torquay. Distance is not a problem


W H Y   C H O O S E  U S

Strathvac supply and install the highest quality central vacuums and laundry chutes direct to businesses and the public from our German manufacturer.


A Central Vacuum System is a 21st century product which is steadily becoming as common as central heating in new homes. The next decade will see Central Vacuum Systems as the next must have UK home cleaning product which has already happened in most of Europe, Canada and the USA.


As we are not getting any younger a laundry chute is a practical addition to any house and if you have space directly above a utility or laundry room then it makes sense.


Due to health and safety issues a laundry chute is the safest way to get dirty linen from an upper floor in commercial buildings or care homes



W H A T   W E   D O 

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