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This is an ideal ash vacuum attachment for your Central Vacuum System if you have a natural

wood-burning fireplace, stove or for your workshop.


Simply attach your central vacuum hose to the dirt/ash separator and plug in the hose & metal wand (supplied with this attachment) to the separator's inlet valve and you are ready to clean cold ashes from your fireplace, plaster board dust from your remodelling project, or wood dust / shavings in your workshop. Once you are finished cleaning just empty out the dirt/ash separator.


No special hook-up is necessary


Use the power of your central vacuum unit to efficiently clean your fireplace, workshop or other messy projects. 98% of dust and dirt are collected in the separator. This keeps your central vacuum hose and filtration system clean.

Using the dirt/ash separator makes the fireplace cleaning a snap, and you will have the cleanest fireplace ever.

Dirt /ash separator is ideal attachment for your workshops.


The set includes the separator tank and flexible hose assembly


Note: This attachment should not be used for live / hot ashes, or for liquid pickup