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info@strathvac.co.uk Strathvac For a change in the way we vacuum

Strathvac are the sole Scottish

suppliers of Variovac central

vacuums. Based in Germany they

manufacture the highest quality

central vacuum systems around.

Our power units come with a five

year guarantee and two year on

the hose and attachments.  


A central vacuum system can be

installed anywhere that requires

cleaning. Starting with our mini-

models intended for small

apartments and mobile facilities,

coaches, caravans etc. The larger

units are installed in residential

buildings and small businesses

up to hotels, commercial and

industrial facilities. 


Our systems offer unbeatable

advantages starting from the

vacuum (suction) power,

very low-noise pollution, user

friendly, extremely comfortable

to use and of course our high

quality workmanship that you can see and feel. 

In addition we offer four different equipment variations starting from our standard to our VIP model that cover all our customer’s needs and wants. Let yourself be inspired!


Although the majority of our installations are new builds or renovations we can retrofit in existing buildings & can fully explain the work required before and after a site survey.


When we install the '1st fix' pipe work we only ask for payment for work and materials carried out. We then collect the final payment when final fix is completed and a full test and demonstration of the system is carried out. If you are building or renovating and budgets are tight we offer a 1st fix kits or installation only which can then be final fixed when finances or building works allow. Our pipework is compatable with most central vacuum systems on the market so you don't even have to come back to us although we do offer the best price around for any other suitable system.


If you require us on-site please CONTACT US to arrange a FREE no obligation site survey and demonstration or click on the link below to DOWNLOAD OUR BROCHURE.

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