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Strathvac are proud to announce that we are now the local dealer for Karcher products. Strathvac realise that when building or renovating then there is a 'clean up process when all the tradesmen have left. We stock a small range of products from cleaning windows, driveways to polishing your brand new floor. As a dealer we do however have access to all products with Karchers list of products


The FP 303 floor polisher is ideal for the domestic home and is small and light enough to store away in a cupboard.


The Window vac is a revolutionary cleaning tool the cuts time involved to a minimum whilst keeping your new window sills clear or dirty water.


The K5 compact home pressure washer is ideal for domestic use but is powerful enough to clean your driveway, cars and any outdoor mess the building work has created.


As part of our launch we have a promotional sale (below) for Karchers 'best sellers' in the domestic market.


Please email karcher@strathvac.co.uk for prices and queries regarding our products



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